Property Verification

The legal team at Ashia Estates provides qualified and reliable property verification for your property investments at an economical cost. Our property verification experts are available round-the-clock to assist you in legal verification, scrutiny, and authenticity of the property documents.

Whether you are buying the property from the title owner or realtors, it is essential that you hire legal experts with years of hands-on experience to verify the property documents to check for any discrepancy, legal title, or any other issues.

We warn you if the project you are looking to buy has all the required licenses or if there’s any issue over the legal ownership of the property. In essence, we make sure that your property investment is made on a sound advice.

Our property lawyers take a comprehensive approach in conducting verification of the property documents, which helps our clients to get complete information about the property. Our property lawyers can help you avoid costly mistakes and purchase your desired property a smooth experience.

Property Document Verification Process

Our property lawyers follows a 5-step process in the property document verification to get the absolute title over the property.

Step 1: Document Collection
Step 2: Initial Property Document Scrutiny
Step 3: Additional Documents Required
Step 4: Detailed Verification
Step 5: Final legal opinion on the subject matter

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