1. Is it a good idea to construct a house or buy a ready made one?

Constructing a house is always a better option if you have time. Moving into a readymade house is all about adjusting to what is available. Whereas Construction of your own house gives you the freedom to choose. You can build our home to suit our taste, budget and of course in good quality. People generally look for a ready to move in house because of the apprehensions of difficulties they may face during construction, but Ashia Estates can always build a better house for your family.

2. How long does it take to build a house?

Every house is unique and the ideal time to build your house could vary from 6-12 months.

3. Are there tax benefits on Home loans?

Yes, your home loan is eligible for tax benefits. The principal and the interest components of the loan are eligible for income tax deductions under Section 80C and 24 respectively of the Indian Income Tax Act. You lose out on this benefit only when you purchase a plot and do not construct a house in the next 3 years. Otherwise constructing a house on a plot that you with home loans will fetch you tax benefits.

4. Does Ashia Estates offer Custom House Construction Packages?

Yes. Each house is unique, and we provide customized house construction plans for home construction as per our client's requirements. You can let us know your requirements, and we will get you the best deal.

5. What are my responsibilities as a customer?

As a customer you need to provide water, power, pay for Plan sanction and Building permit. Set up Water and Electricity

6. How does Ashia Estates maintain quality control of House Construction?

Quality control is an integral part of our construction process. Quality checks are done at every stage of construction from the material sourced to the execution of work. Daily Construction activities are overseen by our team of site engineers, Project Managers, Structural Engineers, and architects. The warranty we offer on the delivered Projects reaffirms our commitment to Quality.

7. I live far away. Can I still build?

Yes, distance is never a problem. You can still monitor daily activities and involve in onsite decision making through Video Call with Ashia Estates Turnkey construction services. Additionally we will be sending Photos and Videos of the work in Progress.

8. What are the Permits/ approvals to be obtained before constructing a house?

The first step before construction of your house is to confirm land classification of the plot. If the conversion is already done to residential no problem. Else you need to convert the land first. The next step is to get a plan sanction for construction and Building Permit and can be obtained from the local self government body, which is a Panchayath, Municipality or a Corporation as the case might be. It is decided based on the local body under which the property falls.

9. How does Ashia Estates calculate Built up Area area?

Built up Area is the total area of construction to be done. Built Up area = Total area of Slab to be constructed + Total ground floor area (Plinth Area)

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