What architectural services do you provide?

Our team of Architects sees the big picture for your house construction project. We help you explore what appeals to you aesthetically and what you require functionally. Our in-house architects coordinate with teams of design, engineering, and construction professionals and provide design leadership so that your project is built the way it was intended.

When should I involve an architect in my project?

You should consider involving an Architect as soon as you decide to begin planning your project. A good Architect will provide important pre-design services such as site evaluation and can help you explore options you may not have considered. Involving an architect early in the process can help avoid costly mistakes.

Don't architects add substantial cost to a project?

Architects' fees are indeed an additional project cost, hiring an architect can save you money in many ways. Our team of Architects can monitor your budget and negotiate with suppliers to get the best materials and workmanship at a good price. An architect's design can reduce energy and maintenance costs, and provide an efficient layout so that you don’t overbuild what you need.

How to find the right architect for my project?

It is important for your house construction project that you find an experienced architect who makes you feel comfortable, and with whom you can have open communication. Your search for architects ends at Ashia Estates as our team of experienced Architects can help you with your project.

What does an architect do?

Architects are skilled professionals who plan and design buildings. Architects play a key role in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. Architects are highly trained in the art and science of building design.

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